Showroom of Elegance, Fine Jewelry, Canton MI

Showroom of Elegance has been a leader in fine jewelry since 2000, featuring a showroom nearly double the size of most jewelry stores in Metro Detroit. The store is owned by Linda Robin, and managed by Bill Daniels. Sales and clerical staff includes: Alyssa, Barb, Felicia, Linda, Melissa and Sharon. Our jeweler is Brian. With over 3,000 square feet in our store, we stock one of the area’s largest collections of jewelry.

Most importantly at the Showroom of Elegance our focus remains on the customer and their quest to find the perfect piece of jewelry to say exactly what it is they are trying to say. We thoroughly understand that there is more to purchasing a fine piece of jewelry than just the jewelry itself. We are here to help you get it just right!


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We're Buying Gold!!
Do you have old, dusty gold laying around that you no longer wear?  Need some extra cash?  We guarantee the highest price paid for 7 days.  If the price of gold rises within 7 days after selling, stop by and we will pay...
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